Kensington LCD Monitor Privacy Screen - 22"-55.8cm

Kensington LCD Monitor Privacy Screen - 22"-55.8cm

ACCO Brands Corporation

  • $84.99

Protect the sensitive information on your monitor while also protecting the screen itself from scratches and damage with the Kensington Privacy Screen for 22"/55.9cm Widescreen LCD Monitors. Great at close quarters for preventing prying eyes from seeing what�s on your computer monitor.

  • Enhances secrecy of your data, surfing points of interest, and lessens the danger of any visual hacking or visual theft
  • With its exceptional design feature, Privacy Screen Filter can be utilized perfectly with 22" Monitor
  • Perfect to fit 16:10 widescreen Monitor with a visible screen size of 22"
  • Widescreen - Offers a fabulous seeing experience with whiter whites and blacker blacks

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