Cartoon Marvel The Avengers Car Seat Headrest For The Neck Rest Pillows Auto Solid Cute Cushion Set Memory Foam Cars Accessories

  • $23.38

Material:Synthetic Fiber

Filling Material:Synthetic Fiber


1.High quality Linen cloth fabric +   Slow rebound Space Memory foam.

2.Fine workmanship, excellent practicality and durability. 

3.Care for your neck, relax your muscles,make your driving life more comfortable,safer,more healthy!

4.Neck pillow can effectively prevent the floating car and neck caused by a long bend , fatigue, pain.

5.Its main function is to protect the neck. In the event of a crash, due to collision of the enormous impact of the head would suddenly thrown back,so that the crew was more serious, even fatal injuries.      

6.Universal Fit For All Vehicles and four seasons.


Package includes:Car pillow  x 1piece



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