Outboard Motors 63V-44352-01-00 63V-44352-01 Impeller

  • $11.58

Impeller Dimentions:

No. Blades: 6

Depth /Height/Width :14.22mm

Outer /External impeller overall Diameter: 52.83mm

Internal shaft insert /Hub Diameter : 13.00mm

Net Weight: 14g

Material: Impeller(CR), Shaft Sleeve (Nylon)


Engine type :

Impellers was used on YAMAHA

Yamaha Outboard T8 (2-Stroke) 2001-2002

Yamaha Outboard T9.9 (2-Stroke) 1996-2004

Yamaha Outboard T15 (2-Stroke) 1996-2004

Yamaha Outboard F15 (4-Stroke) 1996-2004

Yamaha Outboard F20 (4-Stroke) 2006-Up



This aftermarket impeller replace Yamaha outboard motors impellers Part No.:63V-44352-01-00 .Sierra 18-3040. 


2. Dimensions:

Number of Blades: 6

Height: 13.86mm

External Impeller Overall Diameter: 52.25mm

Internal Shaft Insert Diameter : 12.86mm

Net Weight: 12g


3. Applications(Yamaha 2-stroke and 4 stroke outboard motors):

9.9M   9.9hp 2-Stroke 1999 & Newer

15M   15hp 2-Stroke 1999 & Newer

T8   8hp 4-Stroke 2001 & Newer

T9.9   9.9hp 4-Stroke 2005 & Newer

F15   15hp 4-Stroke 1998 & Newer

F20   20hp 4-Stroke 2006 & Newer

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