Car Seat Back Hanging Organizer Bag Universal Auto Multi-pocket PU Leather Pad Cups Storage Holder Bag Foldable Shelf

  • $41.70

Type:Seat Back Bag
Material Type:PU
Model Number:Car Seat Organizer
Item Color:Black,Black+Red,Brown
Pocket Quantity:8


Multi-function car seat back organizer, large storage space. 10 pockets for you to store magazines, tissue, CD, drinks, snacks, pen, phone, umbrella in it.
Foldable shelf design, easy to save and conveniently to enjoy food or snacks.
3.3kg load-bearing shelf, you can put several beverages on it at the same time.
Made of durable PU leather, won't scratch your car seats, good performance and stability.
Portable to carry, makes traveling comfortable and trouble free, this organizer is a great addition to your vehicle.
Easy to install, fit for most car backseats, it is universal.
Size: 60*43cm/23.6*16.9"(L*W)



Type: Car Seat Organizer

Material: PU

Quantity: 1pc

Item Color: Brown

Pocket Quantity: 10

(Include 4*small pocket, 2*big pocket, 1*tissue box pocket, 2*bottle pocket, 1*unbrella pocket)

Size: 60*43cm/23.6*16.9"(L*W)

Net Weight: 0.882kg/31.1oz


Package Include:

1*Car Seat Organizer


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