C2G Wireless Audio-Video Presentation Solution

C2G Wireless Audio-Video Presentation Solution


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Transform conference rooms, huddle rooms or offices into learning/sharing/collaborating spaces. Transform the spaces where people gather into true learning, sharing, collaborating environments with the C2G Miracast Wireless Presentation solution. This solution provides a reliable, one-to-one, wireless connection from a tablet, smartphone or other Miracast-enabled device to an in-room display for high definition audio/video content sharing. Share presentations, videos, spreadsheets and other business information easily and quickly. This scalable solution allows for easy transition from one presenter to another, making it perfect for transient environments where users are constantly coming and going.

Content is shared via a secure 802.11n wireless connection created between the source and display only. Because it will not conflict with existing wireless networks and requires no central management to support, IT staffs will not be burdened with maintaining yet another technology.

The C2G Wireless Miracast Solution can be combined with an in-room projector or connected directly to a display, allowing for flexibility and adaptation to the room's configuration. By bringing mobility to the workplace, this solution enhances efficiency while maximizing convenience.
  • Complete solution for in-room wireless A/V streaming and mirroring from a mobile device
  • Supports up to 1080p resolution
  • Simple set up and pairing
  • Compatible with multiple consumer electronics

  • With the IEEE 802.11n network technology and data transfer rate of up to 54 Mbit/s, enjoy smooth HD media playback and lag-free gaming
  • Just connect this wimedia adapter to any HDMI port and wirelessly broadcast your smartphone, tablet, or laptop onto any HDMI display
  • Add wireless connectivity to a computer without the hassle of internal installation with this external adapter

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